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Lotto Pool Guidelines

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Entry to the pool is $10.  Link to participate is shared in the Real Traders Club Live Sessions when there is a pool in play.

Note: The amount charged will be $10.60, to cover the transaction cost I have to pay.

We will pool the money collected and buy tickets. Eva will buy 1/2 on the East Coast, Dean will buy 1/2 on the West Coast.
We will buy the tickets for each pool the day of the drawing,  before the deadline.
We will post pictures of the tickets in this forum, for complete transparency etc., before the drawing.
If we win, we will elect the cash option and we will all split the prize equally.
If there are any small winning tickets, we will redeem them and roll that money into the next drawing, either Powerball or Mega Millions, whichever occurs next.
Good luck to all who participate,

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